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SoilForm xxSP is a 100% South African developed liquid soil stabilizer based on existing polymer technology. Through aggressive research and development applicable bitumen based formulation and superior products have been designed specifically for the roads industry.

As the polymer is manufactured and tested in our South African factory and laboratory, it is produced in quantities required to suit the size and soil type of an individual project. Whether the road is one kilometer or one hundred kilometers in length, there is no delay in supply.

SoilForm xxSP covers a wide range of materials and can be used to stabilize most in-situ soil materials, therefore minimizing the need to bring in expensive quarry materials. There is a tendency for road’s contractors to create borrow pits in rural areas to supply additional hard materials for roads construction, which in the majority are never rehabilitated. These impromptu quarries create and cause erosion of the top soils of surrounding areas and are extremely hazardous to the environment.

What is Stabilization?

A process in which small quantities of additive(s) are used and added to existing materials which can significantly improve the normal engineering and design propertied of soils, crushed rocks and gravels, eg, CBR, permeability and strength.

What are Polymers?

Polymers are chemical additives used to produce molecular reactions and changes when mixed with specifically identified materials, they are used worldwide in various types of industry, plastics, electronics, communications, construction, etc… When added and mixed with almost any type of loose soil a molecular change occurs, which alters the characteristics of the original loose soils to form a solid ridged by-product, extremely compact and stable. This altered material when compacted produces a high strength elastic rock like substance ideal in the production and construction of roads and wearing surface sub-base and base layers.


How can we save you time?

Without the need to bring in tons of imported materials, you are cutting down on the time the you would normally wait for transportation of these materials. Instead you will be using the soil that is already at the construction site for the foundation layer of your new road.

How can we save you money?

With our improved method of road construction, you will not need to bring in tons of imported materials that would usually make up the foundation of current roads. This means that you save on materials and equipment in the road construction process.


Changing the way you operate

We are here to introduce you to a new and improved way of road construction.

A method of construction that will cut down on your construction costs and time.

Through the introduction and use of SoilForm xxSP Soil Stabilizer, a technology advanced polymer, an alternative to standard asphalt and concrete road construction has been created to provide stable road surfaced from existing insitu soils. The delivery of roads infrastructure development can now, due to cost efficiencies and savings be taken to all areas of the country, particularly, taking and providing high quality long lasting Provincial, District and Municipal roads to normally difficult to access rural communities.

With the introduction of SoilForm xxSP Soil Stabilizer as the medium to harden and strengthen the sub-base and base layers of a road, the process of implementing road construction is dramatically changed. Our products are designed to be used in accordance with standard road construction methods and when used for sub-base, base, and wearing course stabilization and sealing, they are extremely effective in increasing the strength properties of engineered roads with correct storm water drainage.


The roads in South Africa are continuing to degrade, and even though the government is constantly doing repairs and improvements to the road network in the country, they can't keep up with the pothole pandemic that covers our roads, causing continual damage and suffering to road users all over South Africa.

This means that a solution to the pothole situation on our roads needs to be introduced that is quick and cost effective. Where potholes can be repaired with little hassle and that the pothole stays fixed and does not return shortly after the repair.

We at SoilForm have the solution. Much like our method of road construction, we have a Polymer Soil Stabilizer that can turn soil into a solid and stable foundation to be used as a filler for the pothole, then then just needs to be topped off with bitumen or asphalt, leaving a repaired pothole and happy road users.

SoilForm xxPH Polymer Soil Stabilizer

As with our SoilForm xxSP Polymer Soil Stabilizer used in road construction, SoilForm xxPH uses the same principles and logic to fill in and repair potholes. By using the available soil to create a solid base layer for the repair of potholes, the potholes can be filled in and covered quickly and easily, without having to cause a lot of traffic congestion through the closure of roads or lanes during the repair process.