Travel & Tourism

The Group of Sleepers Hotels (Pty) Ltd has been established to offer the South African traveling public a luxury, yet affordable means of accommodation when traveling on South African highways. With the aim of giving the over-night traveler a more affordable option and helping to reduce driver fatigue.

Clean Renewable Energy

With pollution levels ever increasing throughout the world, and natural sources of fuel depleting, the need for Clean Renewable sources of Energy is continuing to grow world wide. The Rising Star Energy Group (Pty) Ltd is focused on developing and growing sources of clean renewable energy.

Polymer Road Construction

SoilForm Polymer Technologies (Pty) Ltd was formed for the purpose of informing the Road Construction and Repair Industry of an alternative to the current methods used for road construction and repair. We are able to offer a polymer technology that will reduce costs and construction time in road construction.

Affordable Accommodation

The Group of Sleepers Hotels has identified a need in the South African travel and tourism market for affordable, luxury hotel accommodation. With this need identified we have designed and conceptualized a hotel infrastructure that can be built alongside the major arterial highways around South Africa.

This concept and idea has been made possible due to an agreement that has been entered into with the Engen Petroleum Company. Therefore allowing Sleepers Hotels to be built adjacent to existing Engen '1' Stop Petrol Station around South Africa.

Catered for You

Sleepers Hotels will cater for the over-night traveler, whether you are a business rep that is constantly on the road, a family coming back or going on a holiday or a tourist traveling around the country. Sleepers Hotels will offer you a place to relax and re-energize.

Affordable Accommodation

One of the main advantages of Sleepers Hotels is that it offers accommodation at a low cost without losing any of the luxuries you would expect from a hotel. We aim to give you a place to stay without having to worry about excessive costs.

Safe & Secure

We want to make your stay with us as relaxing and peaceful as possible. That is why all Sleepers Hotels properties will have 24hr security, to keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

Powering a Nation

There are a number of Clean Renewable Energy sources that are available and can take advantage of the superb weather conditions that are prevalent in South Africa. With many parts of the country experiencing sunny weather year round, and other parts of the country that experience ideal wind conditions for the production of wind turbine generated energy.

Clean Renewable Energy sources will not only help to alleviate the pressure that is being felt by current power suppliers in South Africa, but will also help to create jobs and help the environment.

Renewable Energy

Alternative Renewable Energy sources are becoming more popular the world over, with countries looking for alternatives to their current traditional power plants to provide them with the additional power that their populations are using and demanding.

Home Solutions

Many households these days are looking for ways to cut down on their electricity bills as well as other monthly costs. We would like to offer you a number of solutions to help you with cutting down on those unnecessary costs.


We have suppliers that are able to provide coal and petroleum products, which are the most widely used fuel sources around the world for power manufacture and transportation.

Paving the Way

By using SoilForm xxSP Polymer Soil Stabilizer, you will be able to achieve a solid and stable foundation for your road just by using the soil that is already on site. We are proud of our product and we know that you will be too once you use it for yourself.

As the polymer is manufactured and tested in our South African factory and laboratory, it is produced in quantities required to suit the size and soil type of an individual project. Whether the road is one kilometer or one hundred kilometers in length, there is no delay in supply.

Road Construction

SoilForm Polymer Technologies is dedicated to offering the best possible products to be used for polymer road construction, where we use new and improved methods of road construction to best meet your needs.

Save Time & Money

By using our Soil Stabilizing products for your road construction project, you won't have the need to bring in external gravel and base material that you would normally use in road construction, therefore saving you time and money.

Polymer Technology

SoilForm Polymer Technologies uses polymers which act as a soil stabilizer in the road construction process, providing you with a solid foundation for your new or upgraded road using the soil which is already on site.