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The Sleepers Hotels Development Project has been made possible by an agreement entered into between the Engen Petroleum Company and the Group of Sleeper’s Hotels (Pty) Ltd.

The agreement confirms that Sleepers Hotels will be built adjacent to existing Engen ‘1’ Stop and or ‘1’ Plus service stations.

The Engen ‘1’ Stop network has an extensive and impressive footprint throughout the length and breadth of the country, primarily linking the major metropolitan centres of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

As the majority of tourism and business travel is principally directed along these arterial roads and highways, it is therefore natural that it will be along these routes, that suitable Engen ‘1’ Stop service stations will be chosen as adjacent facilities for the Sleeper’s Hotels Sites.

Sleepers Hotels guests will have direct access to all the eating facilities and services that the Engen ‘1’ Stop service stations have to offer.


Sleepers Hotels will offer you the best quality available in your rooms. Each room will be en-suite with beautiful and stylish finishings. You will be able to relax in your fully furnished rooms or you can visit one of the lounges in the hotel, where you will be able to take it easy or socialize with friends and family.

Just because we say that we are a 'no frills' hotel doesn't mean that we will leave you cut off from the rest of the world. Each room will be equipped with satellite television and wi-fi for the internet. So you will still be able to keep in touch with the office and surf the internet.


With prices rising all around us, and the chance of finding bargains getting fewer and fewer, Sleepers Hotels is proud to be able to provide you with a great opportunity.

To many times do you find yourself paying more for less, well now you can breath easy. Sleepers Hotels is happy to be able to offer you quality overnight accommodation, safe and secure surroundings with food outlets and fuel refueling services right next door, for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.

Sleepers Hotels is a no frills hotel, offering you accommodation of the best quality available, and with being in association with Engen and having our hotels linked with Engen '1' Stop service stations, we are able to offer you all the eating establishments and shops which are associated with Engen '1' Stops, as well as the convenience of refueling services. All of this will be right next door to your accommodation.


It has been established and confirmed by the South African Department of Tourism that there is a shortage of high quality low tariff hotels within the tourist and business travel market of the country.

By linking hotels to Engen '1' Stop service stations, the tourist and business traveler will not only be offered the facility of overnight stop-overs at affordable prices, but with the added convenience of easy access to their awaiting accommodation, directly from the highway.


The interior and exterior design of the hotels accommodation rooms, reception and lounge areas will reflect and portray the theme of a railway station and train sleeper carriages.

The branding within the hotel will reflect well known historic railway stations and steam engines (Waterloo Station, The Flying Scotsman, etc). Taking you back in time as you enjoy your stay with us.

The finishes will be of the best quality available, including floor covering and soft furnishings. Helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed.


One of the priorities for the Group of Sleepers Hotels, is to provide our visitors with a sense of safety and security. We want our visitors to feel fully relaxed and at ease while staying with us.

Our hotels will have 24 hour security, and the hotel property will be well secured. Your safety is our priority.