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With pollution levels ever increasing throughout the world, and natural sources of fuel depleting, the need for Clean Renewable sources of Energy is continuing to grow world wide.

With countries around the globe implementing the means and methods to generate and use energy from Clean Renewable Energy sources, Rising Star Energy is ready to make a difference.

Clean Renewable Energy sources will not only help to alleviate the pressure that is being felt by current power suppliers in South Africa, but will also help to create jobs and help the environment.

There are a number of Clean Renewable Energy sources that are available and can take advantage of the superb weather conditions that are prevalent in South Africa.

We offer not only large scale solutions but also smaller renewable energy products that can be utilized in your home to help produce energy and cut down on your power bill.


Many households these days are looking for ways to cut down on their electricity bills as well as other monthly costs.

We would like to offer a number of solutions to help you with this matter, ranging from Solar Power Geysers to Solar systems that can run a number of your appliances.

Solar Geysers

With the cost of electricity rising year on year, people are looking for any way to cut down on costs. A solar geyser will not only help in cutting down your monthly bills, it will also cost very little to install a system.

Household Systems

There are a number of household systems that are available to the public, which enable the end user harness power from the sun and convert that stored power into working energy for your household appliances.

Lighting Solutions

Solar powered lighting systems are now available for your home, where the houses interior and exterior lighting can now be powered from energy that is captures and stored from the sun using solar panels.


With prices rising all around us, and the chance of finding bargains getting fewer and fewer, Sleepers Hotels is proud to be able to provide you with a great opportunity.

To many times do you find yourself paying more for less, well now you can breath easy. Sleepers Hotels is happy to be able to offer you quality overnight accommodation, safe and secure surroundings with food outlets and fuel refueling services right next door, for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.


It has been established and confirmed by the South African Department of Tourism that there is a shortage of high quality low tariff hotels within the tourist and business travel market of the country.

By linking hotels to Engen '1' Stop service stations, the tourist and business traveler will not only be offered the facility of overnight stop-overs at affordable prices, but with the added convenience of easy access to their awaiting accommodation, directly from the highway.


With coal still being the main fuel for power production around the world, we see that there is a need to provide buyers with a product that they need and depend upon. We have a coal suppliers that are able to offer coal of differing specifications and uses.

We also have suppliers that are able to supply us with different kinds of petrochemicals that are used in the manufacture of petroleum products that are used in road and air travel.