JC Ingelosi Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the holding company for a number of companies operating in the disciplines of:

  • Clean Renewable Energy
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Polymer Road Construction & Pothole Repair

The purpose of JC Ingelosi Holdings (Pty) Ltd is to ensure that three subsidiary companies, namely:

  • Rising Star Energy Group (Pty) Ltd
  • Group of Sleepers Hotels (Pty) Ltd
  • SoilForm Polymer Technologies (Pty) Ltd

are enhanced and developed to add value to the market places of their specialist fields, customer base growth and shareholder returns.

Amalgamating the businesses within one parent company adds strengths and shared resources to a number of strategic areas, particularly:

  1. Specialist professional Expertise
  2. Financial Management and Control
  3. Coordination and Standardization of Corporate Governance
  4. Branding and Marketing
  5. Strengthen Mutual Company Values, Integrity and Vision

The diverse nature of the individual companies' expertise and unique specialities, increases the ability of the group to sustain growth and profitability by balancing potential strengths with perceived risks.

The strength and ability of each company is made greater by the complementary effect of the companies operating in collaboration with each other. The sum of the companies together, is greater than the companies working in isolation as individual entities.

Harmony and synergy are developed within the group to allow enhanced growth.

Each of the mentioned subsidiary companied operate, function and are managed as independent entities, having complete autonomy, individual accounting principles and cost centre operations.